moule à balustres
Moule à balustres
baluster mold
Balusters molds
Baluster Formen
Moldes para balaustres
Balaustres moldes
stampo per balustres
Balaustre stampi
vorm aan de balusters
Balusters mallen
Mold tem balaustres
Balaustres moldes
Fabricant de moules à béton

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Make your concrete balusters!

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We are manufacturers and inventors of the mold baluster, handrail, pillar, column, flagstone and pool curbstone. It took two years of reflection, study, testing for mold design finally a baluster worthy of the name. The main characteristics of a concrete mold is essentially :

- The wear resistance
- The endurance to heat the concrete
- Rigidity
- Flexibility
- Good tightness
- The rapid drying
- Ease in the demoulding
- a reasonable price

After all these vicissitudes, we make a matrix to inject a synthetic resin that meets all the expectations of these properties. In 1990 we sold our little invention at fairs and crafts fairs. On this occasion, we were awarded :

balusters molds, balusters moulds

Bronze medal in 1993 at the Concours Lépine in PARIS in France
First prize for inventors in 1994 in Bourges, France.

To date, more than 500,000 customers in France and worldwide, we have confidence. Although some of our dealers, finding the idea juicy, have marketed a concept like mussels, but a strength and a poor quality.
We remain convinced that the use of molds baluster is one of the most economical means to achieve a balustrade. The realization of it in white or gray concrete, withstand over 20 years.


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